Since we began the park with our Founding Mothers raising the funds to purchase the property in 2001, we thought it was only appropriate to finish the park by honoring the men, our Founding Fathers, who had helped make it all possible. These great men came together to finish our Phase II campaign in 2015.

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. He believed in me. ~ William Shakespeare

Warren Abrameit, MD
Harold J. Adams
James David Adams
David R. Aycock
Jim E. Bell
Thomas N. Cammack, Jr.
Donald L. Davis
Eric Evans
Dr. Keith Frazier
Dr. Paul W. Gainer
Dr. Will “Sandy” Hadden
William J. Hardy
Preston E. Harrison, Jr.
Todd Matthew Hiles
Dr. James F. Holleman, Jr.
Bob Kemper
Paul R. Krutza
W. Robert “Bob” Leavine
Michael L. Lujan
Dr. Mike McCrady
Randy McDonald
Bradley Merritt
David Charles Murphy
Chad Niles
John Isaac Nix
Mark A. Reis
Kenneth J. Reis
Gunter H. Schnetzinger
Elwood B. Stetson
Timothy Ray Suel
Michael S. Thomas
Clifford S. Welch
Trent Williams
Peter Wright
C.C. Baker, Jr.
Danny Berry
Eric Berry
Stephen Berry
Billy Dan Carson
Joe Carlyle
James O. Clark
Roy Crouch
Michael Cummins
Aaron Dickey
Jamie Eubanks
Robert Klepfer
Jason E. Marshall
Eldon McNaughton
Stephen Mersiovsky
Sidney Rex “Pop Pop” Moughon
Larry Phifer
Paul Powell
Hunter N. Rush
W. Walker Secker
Fred Smith
Mark H. Spencer
William H. Spencer
Jack Shaw
Keith Ables
Richard B. Avirett
David Foster Bone
James Dale Carson
Jerry R. Cole
Alec William Henry Culpan
Myles Cunningham
Ged Stuart Chesley
Bryan Keith Chesley
Jacob C. Chilek
Luis Cornejo, D.C.
Dwaine Daugherty, Jr.
Sam Dawson
Frank Leslie Ellsworth, II
Les Ellsworth
John English
Harrel Franks
Scott J. Hines
Jay Kimmey
Jason M. Lawlis
Zel Lisner
David Lisner
Tony McCoy
Dewey Joe McGuire
Shane Morgan
Stan G. Nolley
Mark Oates
Martin N. Orrostieta
Steven P. Paar
Mike Rowan
James F. Ryder
Gregrey K. Tunnell
H. Keith Tunnell