The Children’s Park is owned by the City of Tyler and managed by The Children’s Park of Tyler (local non-profit organization). A Special Event Permit is available if you would like to reserve a portion of the park for your special event. The Special Event Permit gives you priority over a certain area of the park (i.e. Story Ring, Waterfalls, Riter Cove, Critter Cove or Prayer/Meditation Garden). A Special Event Permit includes a fee of $35 which is paid to the City of Tyler.

Alison’s House at The Children’s Park is owned and operated by The Children’s Park of Tyler, the local non-profit organization who privately built the park and then gifted it to the City of Tyler in 2004. Alison’s House is primarily used for support groups and is the office for organization. The upper deck is available for renting and seats up to 40 people. The back lawn area can comfortably seat up to 250 people.

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