The mission of The Children’s Park is to provide ways to experience joy, even in the midst of grief. Our annual Day of Remembrance is a special time to remember and celebrate the lives of our children. One of the greatest fears is that once gone, our children will be forgotten. Coming together provides comfort and reminds us all that we are not alone in our grief. Last year, we had more than 500 people in attendance, representing over 130 children.

Our 16th annual Day of Remembrance will be October 27, 2018 (Children with last names A-K at 10 AM & children with last names L-Z at 2 PM). The ceremony includes a roll call of the children registered, with each name spoken out loud, songs and brief words about grief and concludes with a live butterfly release. Each family is given a handmade personalized angel with their child’s name as a keepsake of the day.

T-shirts with children’s names are listed on the back and are available through pre-registration until October 5. Names registered by October 5 will also be included in the program. The last day to register online will be October 19. Registration the day of the event is also available.

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Please plan to arrive at 9 AM for our 10 AM ceremony and 1 PM for our 2 PM ceremony, if you still need to register.