In 1988 Ronald Reagan made October Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month and Memorial walks popped up all around the country. We took the idea and expanded it to include the loss of children of any age. Our first Day of Remembrance was in 2002 at the First Baptist South Campus (now Southspring). Once The Children’s Park was completed in 2004, it provided the perfect space to gather to remember and celebrate the lives of our children.

The Day of Remembrance is held on the 4th Saturday every year. It includes a roll call of the children represented, words about grief, songs related to grief and concludes with a live butterfly release. This year, due to the COVID pandemic, the event will be held virtually. Despite the current crisis, speaking the names aloud and creating a sense of community, so we know we are not alone in our grief, is still necessary for those of us who are grieving.

View our virtual 2020 Day of Remembrance here