The Children’s Park of Tyler

Core Values

As a board of directors, staff, and volunteers, we are dedicated to celebrating the lives of all children because every child is a gift from God. We have four core values. Everything we do is guided by the values we share. We practice these values through our programs and our actions.

Children – We believe every child’s life has value and deserves to be celebrated. As individuals and as an organization, we…

  •   believe although a child may no longer be with us, his or her memory can live on for generations
  •   believe every child’s life has an eternal purpose
  •   celebrate the individuality and giftedness of each child
  •   value the importance of family and community in the lives of children
  •   believe in the importance of children interacting with nature to help them grow and develop physically, mentally, and       emotionally

Grief – We believe grief is the journey to acceptance. As individuals and as an organization, we…

  •   value the importance of grief
  •   acknowledge and respect that each person’s grief journey is unique
  •   believe no one should have to go through the grief journey alone
  •   believe healing happens in community
  •   recognize the need for educating others on the importance of grieving

Stewardship – We value the responsibility of all human, natural, and financial resources entrusted to us. As individuals and as an organization, we…

  •   value our donors and their personal reasons for making financial gifts
  •   value the hearts of our volunteers for their time and talent committed to the success of the Park
  •   value our partnership with the City of Tyler
  •   value the support of the greater community
  •   value the responsibility of caring for and developing the park property

Integrity – We believe everyone is deserving of respect. As individuals and as an organization, we…

  •   believe consistent, honest, and authentic communication is essential with all persons with whom we interact and serve
  •   believe diversity of thoughts and opinions has great value and so desire to always allow enough space for our differences
  •   believe the services we provide should be from a place of compassion
  •   believe in our responsibility to be present and responsive to the needs of thoseseeking our help
  •   value the gift of presence to those who seek our support