Jackson TYLER, TX (KLTV) –
Beautiful weather brought many East Texas families out to spend the day at the 3rd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic at The Children’s Park in Tyler.

“We’re here to enjoy the beautiful day, the beautiful weather and to celebrate not only the life of our son Jackson, but also the other kids who have passed away,” said Jeff Feliciano, who attended the Teddy Bear Picnic.

In October of 2007, Jeff and Marcy Feliciano lost their two year old son Jackson to a brain disorder.

Now a plaque with his name on it is on display at The Children’s Park where he can forever be around happy children.

“We’re out here to spend time with the family and to come visit him in spirit and seeing all the other kids enjoy the park on this beautiful day,” said Jeff.

“For those families who have lost a child they can come here with their living children and they can play and it’s almost like the children that are not with them are with them. They get to be a part of this day too, so it’s just part of administering to that whole family,” said Jennifer Carson, President of The Children’s Park.

For the other families who came out, it’s a way of letting their kids tap into that creative side. They can climb, run, plant flowers or just make a mess in the pond, and of course bring their favorite teddy bear.

“A big part of this park is the natural play component for kids to come down and explore and use their imaginations and so we do the Teddy Bear Picnic to invite people down here to experience that,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer said it’s important for children to have a safe place where they can explore and have fun at the same time.

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