DSC00079By Bob Hallmark

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – An East Texas organization hosts a day at a Tyler park devoted to being a kid! Walking barefoot through waterfalls and streams, going on imaginary adventures, all things the kids got to do today at the first Teddy Bear Picnic at Children’s Park in Tyler.

“It’s just fun to come down here and use your imagination,” said 9-year-old Hope Carson.

“We wanted to invite kids to come down here and play in the water, climb on the waterfall and plant flowers. Its a place where kids can come and explore and have an adventure. They can use their imaginations,” said Children Are A Gift Foundation president Jennifer Carson.

It was a time for children to teach parents the joy of childhood. There was storytelling, rock climbing, flower planting and just inventing adventures.

“He’s like beeping me, he’s like shocking me” said one little boy who caught a dragonfly.

Children’s Park was completed five years ago, built by the community to celebrate the lives of all children and remember children lost by parents.

“Often times we have tragedy in our lives and some people, more than you know, lose children. And what we’re here to do is support people, parents especially,” said Marti Krutza.

To get in, children were asked to bring their favorite teddy bear and a $1 donation for the park.

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